Final Assessment Plan

4rd grade Science Lesson: The Four Seasons

My lesson plan is focused on third graders with a focus on the four seasons—the purpose of the assessment plan will be to have the students show their knowledge in what they have learned about the seasons.

Learning outcomes:

  1. The student will graph the changes in the weather due to season change from winter to spring.


After the introduction to the seasons at the beginning of January—learning about why seasons happen, what happen in seasons, etc., you will then graph the changes you notice from day to day from around the February until the first day of spring (March 20th).  You may pick to start as early as January 29th, but no later than February 5th. You must journal daily the changes that you have noticed—you will need to note temperature change, flowers blooming, and leaves on trees. After March 20th, the students must make a master graph of the temperature change, with notes of the different plants that bloom due to the temperature change. You must turn in your journal with your graph– assignments turned in with only the graph will not be accepted.

Testing Constraints:

Students with disabilities will be able to receive help from outside sources with the graphing and skills to journal the information. If they struggle with getting started on this project, communication with the other teacher in their special education class (if they have one) can help them get started on it. I also plan to email parents to make them aware of the projects and the different constraints I require, so students with disabilities can have parents help them get the project started and keep up to date on how the project is going. Some students may typically struggle with this kind of assessment because they do excel at the regular testing methods. However, I would like to expand those student’s boundaries as much as possible to help them experience something new.

  Not Passing Passing Exceeds expectations
Grammar, spelling Most of the words are spelled incorrectly, sentence structure is poor Some words are spelled correctly, sentence structure is okay, but minimal problems No spelling or sentence mistakes
Journal Minimal information—less than 35 days of journal entries. If no journal is turned in, the assignment will not be accepted Accepted amount of information— 35 days of journal entries. Good information of days they journal Information for 35-43 days—detailed information of all days past requirements
Graph Minimal information—no proof of clear information Information matches the notes in journal, graph is organized, graph is properly labeled All information graphed—going beyond passing mark by doing required plus the extra days allowed. The student may choose to use graphs, or do something to improve the overall look and organization of the graph

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