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Learning Outcomes

Learning outcomes–Fourth grade Geography unit

  • The students will identify on a map of the United States what state and city they live in.
  • The students will label all of the states of the United States with a 80% accuracy.
  • The students will select ten cities in their state to write on a map.
  • The students will construct a map of the street that they live on.

Test Items:

Test Item for Objective 1: We live in the State of Washington, what city do we live in?

a. Bellevue

b. Olympia

c. Redmond

d. Tacoma

Test Item for Objective 2: Match the correct name to the picture of the state given, write the correct number by the name (Picture of each state would be printed on the test with numbers in it as well).

____ 1. Texas

____ 2. Washington

____ 3. Florida

____ 4. New York

____ 5. Ohio

Test Item for Objective 3: Which city is not a city in the State of Washington?

a. Seattle

b. Bothell

c. Portland

d. Renton

Objective 4: The students will construct a map of the street that they live on.

Test Item: Write a brief description of the street you live on. Give as many details as you can pertaining who lives where, if there is a park, or if there is something you think is unique on your street compared to others. (Essay).


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